Finish Stronger. Recover Faster.*

Recovery starts during your workout

Fuel Your Recovery With The Best.

Developed and tested at P3

World-class training laboratory directed by Harvard-trained Dr. Marcus Elliott

Whole body regeneration

500mg Quercetin + 50mg Resveratrol + 5g Glutamine + 2:1 Carb:Protein Ratio

Recover naturally

No artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors.

Research driven. Doctor developed. Athlete tested.

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Inside Probound
Why do I need
a recovery shake?
Hard training breaks down muscle, increases inflammation in joints and causes overall body fatigue. Getting in the right levels of key nutrients during and immediately following training or competition is critical to rehabilitate broken down muscle tissue and help repair joints and other immune-related systems.
How do I use Probound?
  • Before your training session starts, mix with 16 oz water in a shaker
  • Begin consuming midway through your workout and finish immediately following
What is Probound’s
Protein and Carb profile?
  • ProBound’s bi-phasic proteins deliver both fast and time-released proteins for muscle recovery
  • Its 2:1 Simple sugar/carb sources help spike insulin levels when muscle glycogen is starving for substrate to enter the bloodstream, helping the rebuild process
What are its
key functional ingredients?
  • Quercetin – Powerful antioxidant, found in select fruits and vegetables, which has shown immune-system support and the ability to enhance the production of the body's mitochondria, the powerhouse and energy-producer in cells
  • Resveratrol – Extract from red wine is associated with the cardio-protective benefits of red wine
  • Glutamine – An essential amino acid which helps minimize breakdown of muscle and improves protein metabolism for enhanced recovery
What benefits and effects
should I experience?
  • First, you will find that Probound’s proprietary formula delivers an immediate energy boost late in your workout, when your body craves its essential nutrients the most
  • Secondly, it is designed (and P3’s athletes can attest) to help to recover better and bounce back to train hard again with less fatigue, soreness and stiffness
Are Probound
ingredients natural?
Unlike nearly every other recovery product on the market, ProBound does NOT use artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives.
What does
Probound taste like?
Over the course of years of working with top manufacturers in the industry and insisting on avoiding artificial sweeteners, it tastes excellent. It delivers a creamy, smooth and refreshing experience and we’ve yet to hear someone not like it!
What is P3 and who is
Dr. Marcus Elliott?
P3 (Peak Performance Project) is a world-renowned sports training laboratory directed by Harvard-trained Dr. Marcus Elliott. P3 oversees leading edge training programs for every major sport and has become the premier destination for pro athletes and teams to train in the off-season. For more information visit